Chair since: 2015
Group: TEC 401

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Mike Logan CEO mentor and coach I joined as a TEC Chair because it is the next logical step as I continue to learn and grow. My career has been both deep and wide, but in every instance my career has been about developing people. I have been very fortunate to have gained experience in not only managing businesses, investments and in government. TEC allows me the privilege of sharing our experiences with the CEO’s and businesses so that we can all learn and grow.

Probably the most exciting thing I have seen is the power of like minded people helping each other to solve their issues and challenges. I have seen farmers in their paddocks challenging and being challenged by the world’s best scientists. I have seen governments from around the world come together to resolve industry issues. Now I am seeing CEOs come together with TEC to grow their businesses, develop their employees and build their families within thriving communities.

My experience started by running some of my family’s businesses. It was there that I first began my communication learning journey. I was asking what motivated sales staff, how to run a team of dirty, smelly mechanics, how to organise a team of spare parts servicemen and how to drive the administration team to report so that we could all use and understand the information.

Throughout my agricultural career I became an advisor to government. Obviously, this is a further and completely different communication challenge. I learnt I needed to understand and express the needs of government before I could give any advice that would be heard.

Most recently I have been CEO of a small industry representative group. The communication challenge at that business has been about bringing them together to think collectively and collaboratively about a future that they can work to share. I often describe it as psychology on an industrial scale.


–    Business strategy and management in both for-profit and not-for-profit entities.
–    Board operations and practices
–    Communication :

  • Leadership
  • Facilitation in families, businesses, government and industry
  • Advocacy – to represent
  • Website and Social media

Professional memberships/Board positions/Associations:

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors – Fellow
  • Australian Rural Leadership Foundation – Fellow
  • Australian Institute of Management – Member

TEC Group vision:

My TEC group is reasonably unique. Based in a major rural city, it is the home to some dynamic and challenging businesses. The regional location doesn’t alter the needs of the group. The regional businesses need access to the same solutions of training and development, one on one mentoring and a group that can consider each other’s issues and opportunities.

TEC brings its big city approach to the regional businesses so that the tyranny of distance and the feeling of isolation is overcome. The collegiate and collaborative dynamic in the group show that they are both considerate of each other’s needs, but also challenging.

A CEOs biggest challenge:

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge each CEO has is making good decisions. How do you, as a CEO, make decisions that will stand the test of time, grow your business and its employees, support your family and empower your community?