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Susan Benedyka

Chief Executive Program - Albury – Wodonga

Susan Benedyka TEC coach and mentor

Susan Benedyka is an experienced CEO and business owner, and holds significant leadership positions.

She has had a profound impact on regional development across Australia during her highly successful career of more than 30 years'. She helps people and organisations build trust, find clarity in their vision, identify their purpose and take the steps to achieve their long-term goals.

In 2018, Susan became a Chair with The Executive Connection (TEC) to help CEOs and business owners make better decisions for better results.

Susan works with CEOs and executive teams, boards, councillors, and high potential individuals across businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and local, state, and federal government departments.

She is an experienced company director and Board member for private companies, statutory authorities at national, state and regional level, as well as philanthropic and not-for-profit organisations.

Her specific skills are in leadership development, strategic planning, identifying opportunities for growth, governance, facilitation, community/stakeholder engagement and professional mentoring. Susan has led well over a thousand projects including organisational strategic plans, governance training and leadership development initiatives, community development strategies, and regional economic development plans.

Susan’s facilitation style ensures all voices around tables of any size are clearly and respectfully heard, and all participants in any environment feel included and valued. Her highly developed communication and facilitation skills bring people’s visions to reality.

Susan is current Chair of the Hume Regional Development Australia committee.

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