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Ron Boskell

Small Business Program

Ron Boskell TEC coach and mentor

‘By providing a member with questions, not answers, it allows them to work through an issue at a deeper level. Witnessing their breakthrough moments when they see a clear road map towards a solution is priceless.’

Ron Boskell is a Chair with many years of experience across all levels of the management spectrum. He works with CEOs, senior leaders and business owners to help them uncover the solutions they need to take their business to the next level. Ron’s focus is to support leaders who are seeking growth within their organisations and provide them with the practical tools needed to create sustainable and successful businesses.

Ron has developed and implemented a number of successful and sustainable growth plans throughout his career, resulting in significant increases in revenue, employees, and stakeholder satisfaction. The knowledge he has gained from his senior leadership roles has allowed him to provide greater cut through on strategic issues in supporting his TEC members to overcome hurdles faster and keep them on track longer.

Ron’s longstanding career within the retail industry provides critical insight to his TEC leadership group as he is all too aware of the ups and downs many SME leaders face. He has been in the trenches and has risen to achieve the success that many others would like to emulate. Over his career, Ron has had many highlights, including:

  • General Manager for Betts Footwear Group in Australia
  • General Manager of Operations for Hannahs New Zealand
  • CEO and Managing Director of New Zealand publicly listed apparel group: Postie Plus Group Ltd

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