Mike Henderson

Mike Henderson TEC Executive Coach and Mentor

Chief Executive Program


  • 20 years' at the National Bank of New Zealand in senior manager roles
  • Owned and operated a best performing franchise business in Australasia (under the brand)
  • Chief Executive / General Manager at three different sector franchise groups, an industry training organisation and a co-operative NPO
  • Member of the Institute of Directors New Zealand
  • Governance responsibilities


Twenty years' in the finance sector, including varied senior management responsibilities, enabled Mike Henderson to forge a career in business leadership with strengths in strategic planning, financial management, marketing and growth initiatives. Five years' of owning his own business, that included a start-up and also purchasing a going concern, exposed Mike to managing risk with consequences being personal.

General Management and Chief Executive roles over the past 20 years' has seen Mike lead diverse businesses across five different sectors (hospitality retail, books and stationery retail, furniture retail, industry training organisation responsible for 8 different industries and a real estate group). These businesses were a mix of franchised, co-operative and Government funded models.

Mike with pride can say, with the exception of the co-operative business model, he contributed to growth in each business; some significant. He has learned that growth needs to be resourced, typically requires innovation and where industry dynamics and the business model don’t enable appropriate resourcing then you learn to be extra smart. You can’t afford to make mistakes.

Reporting to Boards for the last 15 years' of his leadership career has shaped Mikes views on how Boards should govern. He has been Chairperson of the Franchise Association of New Zealand, Chairperson of a School Board of Trustees and currently is the Chairperson of an Advisory Board for a Joinery and Timber Profiling business He has also been a District Committee member of Rotary International Youth Exchange responsible for placing and receiving students internationally with host families.

Mike encourages business leaders and owners to reach out to other business leaders, preferably non-competing, with whom you can talk candidly and gain agenda-free perspectives from those who’ve faced similar challenges.

Extra Curricular

  • National Bank of New Zealand - Associate Bankers Institute of NZ qualification.
  • New Zealand College of Management - Business Management
  • Australian Graduate College of Management - University of New South Wales, Sydney- Strategic Marketing of Consumer Products and Services
  • Monash University, Sydney - Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing
  • Institute of Directors - Company Directors in house programme


'You are cut from a different cloth' - Dame Rosanne Meo

'Mike has been the first true mentor for me, and I will sorely miss him' - Baron Bruno - former Bond Broker, Wall Street and Realtor Business Owner in Los Angeles and now real estate business owner in Fiji

'Thanks for being the most refreshing and approachable CEO I have dealt with, very encouraging and motivating for me!'

Ben Gibson, NZME

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