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Mike Henderson

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Mike Henderson TEC coach and mentor

With over 20 years' leadership experience across the finance sector, Mike Henderson is a firm believer in the power of business connections. He has learnt through trial and error that one of the pathways to success is through shared experiences. Mike regularly encourages the CEOs and business owners he works with to step outside of their organisations and reach out to other leaders to share the challenges they face and the solutions they have developed.

Mike has forged a long and successful career in business leadership across many industries and sectors, including; finance, retail (hospitality, books and stationery and furniture), education & training and real estate. His many years as a Chief Executive and Managing Director have strengthened his strategic planning, financial management and marketing expertise. All skills and knowledge which Mike is keen to share to help others accelerate their success.

Over the years, Mike has learned that leadership is about integrity, humility, vision, and passion; all topics he focuses on with his TEC members. He is also no stranger to the complexities and risk management of being a business owner. Mike owned his own top-performing franchise business for over five years. Throughout that time, he has navigated his way through many ups and downs. But ultimately, he came out on top, achieving projected business and financial targets. Mike has achieved numerous success in his career; here are a few highlights:

  • 20 years in senior leadership roles at the National Bank of New Zealand
  • Owned and operated a top-performing franchise business in Australasia for five years
  • Chief Executive / General Manager at three different sector franchise groups, an industry training organisation and a co-operative NPO
  • Member of the Institute of Directors New Zealand
  • National Bank of New Zealand - Associate Bankers Institute of NZ qualification
  • Institute of Directors - Company Directors in house programme

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