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Martin Cayzer

Chief Executive Program

I was fortunate enough to be mentored by some great people in my professional life. That experience and my passion for developing leaders has led me to TEC – the perfect environment for sharing what I have learned during my career with my TEC community.


  • A CEO for 20 years' working for both large multinational corporations overseas and back home with Australian/NZ SME’s.
  • Over 30 years’ executive experience gained in high end technology, rental and sales to the professional motion picture, TV and broadcast industries.
  • Board Chair experience with Advisory Boards, Executive Boards and joint Business/Government NFP Board.


Martin’s journey over his 38-year career has crafted his purpose now - to help other leaders build high performance cultures and teams that deliver results.

Martin’s executive career has taken him through the UK, Europe, US, Australia and New Zealand. Managing functionally diverse teams across multiple geographies for businesses engaged in technology, services and solutions to the film, TV and broadcast industries.

His strength has been in developing highly-engaged, high-performing teams supported by strong strategies and competitive tactics that differentiated his businesses in the market place.

He has extensive experience in board memberships, business and strategic planning, business acquisitions, disposals, turnarounds, corporate development, people and change management, business integrations and key client relationship development with direct deal negotiations.

Most recently, CEO of a division of a German owned multinational business that he led from a loose cooperative of businesses into a global group with new structures, strategy and leadership teams.

Martin’s passion is transferring what he has learned from leaders he has worked with and admired to new leaders and future leaders. Asking powerful questions and challenging his teams to stand up and deliver their potential.

Today’s leaders needs to function at a faster pace than ever before. We now live in times where rule books don’t give us the answers – we need to quickly problem-solve the complex issues, remain open minded and think laterally to craft the successful strategies that are relevant for the future. TEC is the ideal confidential forum to debate this with leaders who have diverse, but relevant thinking.


  • Building leadership teams that deliver their potential
  • Developing leaders
  • Change Management
  • Strategy Development, Planning, Management and Execution
  • Operational and Business Plan Review and Development
  • Strategic stakeholder engagement
  • Executive Coach, Mentor and Consultancy services

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