‘I was fortunate enough to be mentored by some great people in my professional life. That experience and my passion for developing leaders has led me to TEC – it’s the perfect environment for sharing everything I have learned during my career with a community of like-minded leaders.

Driven by a purpose shaped over his 38-year career, Martin Cayzer is passionate about helping business leaders to build high-performance teams and cultures that deliver results.

Martin coaches leaders of today to be able to quickly problem-solve complex issues, remain open-minded and think laterally to craft successful solutions. This approach makes TEC the ideal confidential forum for him to build this ability within leaders who have diverse, but relevant thinking.

His executive career has taken him all over the world, through the UK, Europe, US, Australia and New Zealand, leading a host of businesses engaged in technology, services and solutions for the film, TV and broadcast industries.

Developing highly-engaged, high-performing and functionally diverse teams is Martin’s speciality. He believes the creation of such teams, when supported by strong strategies and competitive tactics, is what truly differentiates businesses and their leaders in the marketplace.

Martin’s passion for business leadership has transformed into sharing what he’s learned from his career to develop, stretch and inspire leaders and future leaders as a TEC Chair. Some highlights of his career include:

  • CEO of a division of a German-owned multinational business that he transformed into a global group with new structures, strategy and leadership teams
  • A CEO for 20 years working for both large multinational corporations overseas and back home with Australian/NZ SMEs
  • Over 30 years executive experience gained in high-end technology, rental and sales to the professional motion picture, TV and broadcast industries.
  • Board Chair experience with Advisory Boards, Executive Boards and joint Business/Government NFP Board

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Martin Cayzer

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