Marion Lawson

Marion Lawson


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New South Wales
TEC Chair: Chief Executive Program

I bring a broad domestic and international experience in the arena of business and trade activities to the TEC Chair role, with a wealth of executive experience across a range of sectors and specialist knowledge in agriculture, healthcare and biotechnology.

I run an advisory company, Marion Lawson & Associates, a management support organisation.  Offering a focused range of specialist consulting services in areas such as: manufacturing, facilitation of planning and training sessions, business technology for improved management and decision making, human resources, strategic planning, and quality assurance. Client list includes consulting relationships with mushroom industry and service industry organisations. Projects undertaken include:

  • Training of engineering and production management
  • Optimisation of equipment and human resources
  • Equipment modernisation facility planning
  • Restructuring/ organisation management
  • Job design/description and development
  • Training of production employees
  • Manufacturing audit/evaluation


Improving end-to-end business efficiency, profit maximisation, broadening of revenue streams, market segment discovery and exploitation, product development and patenting, creation of pipelines to deliver new products to market.