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Lyn Harding TEC Executive Coach and Mentor

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'It was easy for me to accept the offer to chair my own TEC group in WA, as I had benefited from being a member when I was a corporate executive. I understand the isolation a business leader can feel and the importance of good connections and support.’


Lyn Harding is a highly regarded Fellow CPA and Fellow of AICD with a portfolio career which includes NEDs, coaching, advocacy work and philanthropy. She would describe herself as someone who gets deep satisfaction from working with people, individuals and teams, who are striving to get the best out of themselves.

With over 20 years' experience in the health care sector at directorship level with an ASX company, in 2013 Lyn decided it was time for a career change and started Work2Live. She chose that business name to reinforce a credos she firmly believes in and hope others can try too.

Lyn has always had a focus on business growth and innovation, calling on a strong skill set in: sharing organisational vision, change management, people engagement, process improvement and financial oversight. Her strengths are working with people and her experience is in creating and managing strategic growth opportunities for organisations through the development and delivery of new capital infrastructure, acquisition integration and innovative projects that create scalable commercial value.

Personal attributes include a commitment to fostering strong relationships built on mutual trust; an ability to listen actively and challenge norms in thinking when required; as well as effectively working with internal (staff, peers, executives and boards) and external (industry, government, other key stakeholders) groups and individuals.

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