‘I’ve helped members navigate work and personal crises, challenge deep-seated mindsets, grow in confidence and achieve their dreams by guiding and leveraging the power of the group. Seeing people use flashes of insights to courageously transform their lives is incredibly inspiring.’

Lorna Murray helps leaders and organisations clarify their vision, understand their reality, build their culture and implement strategic planning. Lorna is passionate about supporting CEOs, senior leaders and business owners to maximise their social impact and sustainable development while cultivating and growing their organisations.

Lorna’s career started as a therapist in the mental health sector, and this gave her a deep understanding, knowledge and passion for human behaviour, psychology and emotional wellness. It provided her with a strong foundation in mentoring. It still plays a role in how she helps business leaders understand how to support their people (clients, staff, and organisations) and how she works with them to discover their purpose and direction.

For the last 20 years, she has held executive and CEO positions in charitable organisations in health and social services. Through these roles, Lorna and her teams have tackled some of society’s toughest challenges, including mental health, addiction, homelessness, poverty, criminal offending, and well-being. To achieve the desired vision and outcomes in these areas, Lorna strategically worked to form crucial partnerships with diverse organisations and stakeholders.

As an early adopter of new technologies and techniques, Lorna is renowned as an innovator in her field. She is always thinking outside of the box when it comes to problem-solving. This aspect of her experience is incredibly beneficial to her TEC members. Lorna is able to challenge the senior leaders she works with while still providing them with the support they need to grow, develop and flourish.

A highlight of Lorna’s career has been leadership development. She has participated in several leadership development and change management programs and has been awarded the inaugural Glenys Baldick Health Leadership award. Some of Lorna’s other career highlights include:

  • Designing and implementing several social service solutions that have since scaled to multi-million dollar interventions
  • Developed commercial products, services, and programs creating significant social impact
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