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Lorna Murray

Lorna Murray

Small Business Program

‘I believe that the TEC experience provides the best personal growth moments, trusted ‘critical friends’, motivation and accountability for diverse groups of leaders.  As a member of a TEC group, I had experienced first hand the power and potential of TEC.  When I left my executive position, I was excited about becoming a Chair to use my skills in group facilitation, coaching, leadership development and collaboration to help NZ leaders to become their best self at work and in their lives.’

  • Held executive and CEO positions in charitable organisations in health and social services
  • Reputation for innovation and early adoption of new technologies, techniques and approaches
  • Participated in a number of leadership development and change management development programs
  • Provides consultancy both in the Social Services Sector and Business Sector


Lorna Murray’s career started as a therapist in mental health and addictions in the UK.  This developed and refined her passionate interest in human emotions and behaviour, and how to support people (clients, staff, and organisations) to find meaning, purpose and direction in their lives.  Lorna moved to NZ with a husband a two small sons in 1996.  For the last 20 years',  she has held executive and CEO positions in charitable organisations in health and social services tackling the wicked challenges in NZ society including mental health, addictions, homelessness, poverty, criminal offending and wellbeing.  This included forming collaborations, and leading collective impact projects to combine diverse organisations, services and sectors to develop shared visions and achieve common objectives.  Lorna has a reputation for innovation and early adoption of new technologies, techniques and approaches.  She has designed and implemented several social service solutions that have since scaled to multi-million dollar interventions.  She has also developed some commercial products, services and social enterprises including some in public/private partnerships.

A highlight of Lorna’s career has been leadership development.  She has participated in a number of leadership development and change management development programs, and has been awarded the inaugural Glenys Baldick Health Leadership award.  Running several internal leadership development programs within organisations including some very similar to the TEC model.  It is a great delight that many of the people that I she has managed have gone on to become industry leaders.

  • Organisational culture
  • Change management,
  • Quality improvement and operational excellence,
  • Business development,
  • Customer centric service delivery,
  • People management and workforce development,
  • Collaboration,
  • Innovation
  • Social enterprise

My TEC Group

TEC 804 is a diverse and dynamic group that has developed a high level of trust and transparency.  The group welcomes different perspectives, personalities and world views, and uses these constructively to work through complex and challenging issues.  The structures, tools and techniques used in the group are used both to process issues, and to provide a toolbox for participants to take back to use in their organisations and lives.   The group has a broad range of strength areas including legal, financial and organisational culture.  A focus for the group is on sustainability, people management, customer-centric development as well as personal development of self and others.

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