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TEC Chair Jonathan Cole

'My passion is listening to diverse opinions and ideas and applying them to help the business leaders develop the best solutions for themselves and their teams. My goal at TEC is to create a safe environment to utilise everyone’s skills and knowledge for the betterment of the whole group.'

Never have we seen so much change and transformation in such a short period of time. Embracing and adopting to the new environment is a challenge and an opportunity as you need to learn, pivot, and develop quicker than ever before. Jonathan Cole’s passion is to listen to the challenges and work with business leaders to develop solutions for themselves and their teams to help deliver measurable performance from a number’s perspective and also from a place where people enjoy and are passionate about the business, they work in. It’s key to create a psychological safe work environment which enables people to thrive.

Jonathan has a great international and cultural background working with major multinationals which gives him a broad perspective of building businesses, both large and small. He’s lived and worked in the UK, Asia, New Zealand and in various locations in Australia and feeds off different cultures and business challenges.

Jonathan’s focus is on creating a differentiated value proposition and then focusing on how to deliver that value to the customers and to your own organisation.

To deliver the value you have, you need strong measurable KPIs but also an organisation committed to achieving these goals. Creating a strong culture within a business, with people from diverse backgrounds, with a desire to expand their own capabilities and to be a better human being out of the experience are key drivers of his business mantra.

Career highlights include:

  • Developing a culture in Asia with very little staff turnover, and guiding leadership teams in Japan and Greater China to become gender equal.
  • VP in Asia for one of the world’s largest packaging companies, taking the business from break-even to be one of the most profitable in the whole organisation.
  • Director of Innovation for Lion in Australia and New Zealand working with the local breweries to create a vision for the craft beer market before it became the huge market segment it is today.
  • Marketing Director for Pepsi-Cola Asia based in Singapore with the goal of localising the brand in the country while maintaining the brands global vision.

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