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John Broons

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John Broons

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TEC Chair: Small Business Program

‘For a CEO, TEC is the place you come to have your questions answered and your answers questioned.’

As a highly experienced mentor, coach and Specialist Accredited Family Advisor with Family Business Australia for almost 30 years, John Broons has been immersed in business consulting since the early 1990s. Spanning more than 40 years’ of experience, his strengths centre around being able to simplify the complexities of business leadership, ownership, people and culture. Constantly working with business owners and executives on creating, challenging and focusing their business strategy and widely sharing his expertise through engagements as a professional facilitator, presenter and Keynote Speaker.

Group members enjoy John’s easy and approachable manner and say that he excels at creating a collaborative group environment. Probably best known for actively helping members seek out what others don’t… and continuing where others might fail. Possessing both an eye and ear for detail as well as a capacity for emotional intelligence, John constantly is challenging group members to look deeper in their search and to re-double their efforts in building stronger businesses.

Early on in his career, John worked within his own 3rd generation family-owned company. The broad base business of the family company – sawmilling, wholesale timber and construction – was the perfect place to hone and stretch his business management skills, as well as experiencing first-hand the complex dynamics of a company structure. John frequently draws on those personal experiences and shares them as examples (of both good and bad) when helping executives build their own company legacy and establishing positive, open environments and cultures.


TEC Group vision and dynamics:

The group includes a broad mix of business owners and CEOs – from companies ranging in turnover. As a group, our vision is to grow better leaders through continuous professional development – in a confidential and safe environment.

My group focuses their time together on learning, solving and resolving complex issues and challenges. Members set strategies and hold one another accountable. New members can expect to be challenged and supported as they work through their own issues, as well as actively supporting their peers.

Professional awards and memberships:

  • Robert Norse (the founder of TEC) Award 2013 – Outstanding Group Chair (one of only two awarded in Australia in the past 30 years)
  • Six Gold Chair Excellence TEC Awards – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Certificate and Advanced Certificate Family Business Advisor – Family Firm Institute
  • Fellow of Family Firm Institute (Boston, USA)
  • Specialist Accredited Family Business Advisor (Family Business Australia)

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