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Jocellin Jansson TEC coach and mentor

From personal experience I know what it is to go through rapid growth as a young CEO and founder. I’ve built and sold an award winning business and know the value of surrounding yourself with trusted advisors. For decades now, I’ve been deeply invested in contributing to the future success of rural and regional Australia. As a TEC Chair, I understand the challenges my members are going through and partnering with them to grow and achieve their goals is my greatest reward.

As a member turned Chair, Jocellin Jansson knows all about the struggles and feelings of isolation many CEOs face. But through creativity and innovation, she engages her group of senior executives to create a community that works together breaking down and resolving their issues.

Combining more than 25 years of executive experience, the focal point for Jocellin is building leadership capacity. Through her TEC group, Jocellin brings like-minded CEOs and business leaders together to inspire and support them with their individual and organisational growth plans, innovation initiative and business leadership.

As a Tamworth local, Jocellin is deeply invested in contributing to the future success of regional Australia. This geographic setting presents a variety of unique challenges but also immense opportunities. Helping business leaders in rural Australia grow and thrive is something she finds immensely rewarding and a great privilege.

With decades of leadership experience at an executive level, she understands how to successfully scale organisations across a variety of sectors. Jocellin founded her own multi-award-winning recruitment firm, Jocellin Jansson & Associates, which she scaled over 11 years, and then successfully sold. She has now spent the last decade in Board of Director roles, advancing diverse organisational missions and objectives for a number of state-based and national not-for-profit organisations. Guiding organisations on a path to becoming ‘values and purpose’ driven, has been a constant in her career.  Some of her career highlights include:

  • Building successful start-ups
  • Removing roadblocks to success
  • Successful stakeholder engagement and negotiations

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