‘I know that successful people thrive on personal growth and development, and for over 30 years, this has been my focus. As a business leader, I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative impact this has had on CEOs, driving the success of their organisations and creating a powerful ripple effect throughout their teams and communities.

Ian Belton has achieved significant success as a CEO. While at the helm of the Chrystal Group, he oversaw significant growth in turnover, market share and market coverage of the domestic operation, through a combination of innovative structure and bold strategy. Ian also spearheaded an international manufacturing, marketing and distribution business that generated substantial profits for all stakeholders.

With a background in finance as a Chartered Accountant, Ian understands numbers and emphasises the metrics that predict and secure the future of any organisation. He holds and has held numerous Board positions, including business and for-purpose organisations.

Throughout his career, Ian’s philosophy for success has centred on empowering those around him. He understands that by fostering their capacity and confidence, he strengthens the organisation and enhances his team’s focus, loyalty and engagement. Ian has a deep passion for coaching and developing a growth mindset in individuals and companies.

A favourite quote of Ian’s is, ‘The wisdom of the room will almost always be more valuable than the wisdom of any single person.’ He encourages input and energetic, constructive debate from all present. Most of all, Ian’s mantra is to ‘make a difference’ in whatever he is involved with.

Professional career highlights include:

  • TEC Member for 18 Years: Gained valuable insights and successfully navigated significant career challenges.
  • CEO of Chrystal Group: Led Caterlink to become Australia’s largest commercial kitchen company and managed a highly profitable international operation.
  • Pandemic Response: Steered Chrystal Group through early pandemic challenges, achieving growth in market share and profitability.
  • Leadership Development: Created and delivered an internal leadership program that enhanced the skill and confidence of the entire management team.
  • Diverse Industry Experience: Extensive background in audit, food manufacturing, construction, stainless steel manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and international marketing and distribution.
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