Graham Morgan

Graham Morgan TEC Executive Coach and Mentor

Chief Executive Program

‘Any business can devise a strategy, but it is in the doing that they fail. As a TEC Chair, I challenge my members to focus on practical solutions that can be implemented and tracked. My experience gained in challenging circumstances provides insight and learnings gained from being in ‘The Arena.’


  • Created a company to help SME business owners increase the value of their business
  • Significant change, restructuring and growth leadership roles for public and private companies in challenging industry sectors requiring transformational change
  • Bought and sold over thirty businesses managing the entire transaction, keeping the business owners safe and sane in a process that can be difficult and emotional.
  • Strong believer of personal development and mentoring – have guided several female mentees through personal and professional challenges into senior roles


Graham Morgan understands business owners. Having bought and sold over thirty businesses across various industries, and a business owner himself, Graham is aware of the headaches and heartaches that running a business can entail.

Graham’s unique experiences led him to establish Morgan Shaw Advisory in 2013, with two clear objectives – help business owners maximise the value of their business and to guide them through complex business sale processes whilst keeping them safe and sane. He also dedicates his time to mentoring and coaching professionals. Examples of Graham’s accomplishments include transforming operations in both the Textile and Media industries in the UK and helping a female executive secure a prestigious board position in a male dominated industry.

Graham is the chair of several Advisory Committees, and is known for his calm, strategic thinking. What keeps him awake at night is how he can deliver more value to his clients, helping them to work ‘on’ their business and not ‘in’ their business.

As a TEC Chair, Graham brings vast experience and empathy to business owners. When working with Graham, be prepared for tough questions that will help you arrive at answers that will transform your business, and ultimately, your personal happiness.


  • Operations Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Building trusted relationships
  • People Development
  • Strategic development
  • Transformational Change

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