‘Having an authentic and deep interest in others, their stories, challenges, and opportunities is the foundation for powerful, mutual learning experiences.’


  • CEO of a global company operating in over 100 countries
  • Director of ASX200 listed company
  • United Nations advisor Europe
  • Expert in social engineering in the developing world
  • Strategic change agent focused on future-proofing businesses
  • Working with business leaders to help improve their businesses and their lives


Glen Simpson started his professional career with the United Nations in Europe and is a seasoned and accomplished senior executive with more than twenty-five years’ experience at the Chief Executive and Managing Director level. He has a PhD in agricultural science and as an expert in International Development, has led the creation of a business in this industry with more than 2,000 professionals operating in over 100 countries.

He has been a valued member of Australian State and Federal Government advisory boards ranging from trade and investment to bilateral international relations and has held many board and advisory roles in Australia and internationally.

With over forty years’ of worldwide senior management experience, Glen provides leadership and vision in the organisational development of multi-sector, global businesses. He is known as a consensus builder who is able to create strong partnerships and serve as an articulate and highly effective spokesperson and ambassador of global business operations.

During his career, Glen has been responsible for the strategic direction and development of many companies. He has a passion for people development through mentoring and coaching of professionals and business executives. Based on his extensive and global perspective, Glen now focuses on helping business leaders and owners to future-proof their businesses in the rapidly evolving technological and global context.

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