Craig Burston

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TEC Chair: CEO Program

‘Becoming a TEC coach and mentor, provides a fantastic opportunity for me to bring my real live experiences from the front line, into helping business leaders improve the performance and outcomes for themselves and their business. TEC allows me to help people that are all looking to thrive in their business and their personal lives. As a new Chair setting up a new group, my hopes for my members and myself can be summed up by a takeout from a sales training event I recently attended.  There are those that merely ‘strive to survive’ and there are those few standout people that ‘strive to thrive.’

Craig Burston is a sales oriented general manager, with a successful 35 year career of effecting change, stimulating growth and experiencing diverse business models. This includes roles in large multi nationals, global sales distribution, start-ups, sundown businesses, and small and medium sized businesses.

For the last 6 years,  Craig has been the General Manager of Optinet. He led a successful acquisition and transition of this specialist network security company into Origin IT, creating what is now Origin Security. At Origin IT, Craig is part of the leadership team that is directing the company’s growth into new and exciting market opportunities. As the leader of the sales division, he is driving growth through coaching the sales team to develop a strong understanding and engagement with our customers at a business and technology level.

Career Milestones:

  • Multi-faceted career in General Management and Sales Management.
  • Senior Client Management positions in large Enterprise Telecom and IBM
  • Sales Management in large International Enterprise
    • Advantage Group – managed a team of 15 in ANZ, Asia, Africa and South America regions
    • Gen-I Australasia led team of 50 sales people covering top 200 trans Tasman accounts)
  • General Manager for Network and Security Business
    • Established a major outsources security contract with Vodafone NZ
    • Led Acquisition of Business to Origin It
  • Sales Director for successful NZ start up that has grown a domestic and international footprint


  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Sales and sales management
  • Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions
  • Client management and new business strategy

My passion for driving growth for businesses has lead him to join TEC.