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Bob Nordlinger TEC Chair

'Throughout my career, I’ve accumulated a CEO toolbox of effective methodologies that can unravel the most difficult strategic or management problems. The sensational TEC moment for me is the smile of true clarity that lights up a member's face when one of these methodologies is applied and leads to a breakthrough outcome.'

A long history of working with and coaching CEOs has shaped how Bob Nordlinger creates mentoring sessions that assist business owners and CEOs with insightful, clever and innovative strategic business planning.

As an award winning Chair, having twice been named Australian Chair of the Year (2001 and 2003) winner of five International and 21 Australian Chair Excellence awards, Bob Nordlinger has a proven track record of helping CEOs to improve their overall business performance and effectiveness.

Following a distinguished career as Founder and Consulting Director of Superior Strategy Pty Ltd, Bob has built an international reputation as a lecturer, facilitator and consultant in strategic management and planning.

Serving as a board member across a range of public and private companies, his key industries of expertise include computers, engineering, property development, financial services and insurance.

Throughout his career, Bob has worked with CEOs and coached them in strategies to increase their effectiveness, improve the performance of their business and build their careers. Other career highlights from Bob’s career include:

  • Chair and CEO – ICF Kaiser Engineers Australia
  • Managing Director – John Holland Group Limited
  • Chair – Associated International Finance
  • Chair and Managing Director – Professional and
  • Corporate Equipment
  • Chair and Managing Director – Freighter Industries Limited
  • Chair – Sandridge City Development Company

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