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Barry Upfold

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Barry Upfold TEC Coach and mentor

'For over 30 years as a TEC Chair I’ve had the opportunity of supporting and guiding many long -term CEOs to become better leaders with a balanced family life. Whether it’s a $500m family business or a $2m business the same principals apply. As a chair I promote a group culture of trust, challenge and accountability, that’s when the power of the group works it’s magic.'

Barry's unique perspective and expertise help his executive groups get to the core of their business issues and better understand the strategies and steps forward they need in order to take their companies to the next level.  Barry loves watching the many talented men and women he has worked with seeing them grow and succeed in their business trajectory.

An expert strategist, operational and organisation development manager with over 40 years of experience, Barry is a wealth of knowledge. He has led many multi-national corporations as a Chief Executive and led Kimberley-Clark as the former International Marketing Director. Barry's experience includes national and international operations (in Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, the USA, Latin America and Africa), sales and marketing, corporate rescue, organisational culture management and performance management. Some of his impressive career highlights include:

  • Promoted to Chief Executive and President of the Central American operation of Kimberly-Clark, turning the business around in less than nine months from a severe loss position
  • Appointed to Managing Director and CEO of Kimberly-Clark South Africa
  • Managed a significant merger resulting in doubling business profits
  • Appointed as CEO of the Australian Kimberly-Clark operation

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