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Barry Upfold TEC Executive Coach and Mentor

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'After a successful career as a CEO in various countries of the world I owned a consulting business in Brisbane and got into TEC almost by accident. Unbeknown to me one of my consultants saw an ad for a TEC Chair and sent in all of our resumes. I consider that I was privileged, as mine was chosen to have an interview with the then CEO, and 24 years' later I am still on my journey of discovery. And from that day, on this journey of discovery, I have been blessed to be a TEC Chair ……….Why??  Because of my relationship with the many talented men and women CEOs and business owners who have become more successful and balanced because of their involvement with TEC. I’ve agonised with them over difficult times and celebrated with them over their many successes. And I get such a buzz to see them succeed and also change their balance of life because it has made such a difference to them and their families as we continue on our journey of enlightenment together.’


  • Over 40 years' national and international operations, sales, marketing, corporate rescue and general management experience
  • Chief Executive of multi national companies, lived and worked internationally
  • Merged two like sized competitive operations into one, doubling profits
  • Approached to head up a Queensland public company


A highly skilled facilitator, Barry Upfold is able to engender positive outcomes in both CEOs, their management teams and their businesses.

Barry has over 40 years national and international operations, sales, marketing, corporate rescue and general management experience, twenty of which was at the level of chief executive of multi national companies.

Prior to his various CEO roles, his major activity was in the area of sales and marketing. he was Marketing Manager of Kimberly-Clark Australia for a number of years, transferred to the parent company in the USA, promoted to the position of International Marketing Director responsible for providing business advice and mentoring to subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Barry was then promoted to Chief Executive and President of the Central American operation of Kimberly-Clark, which was a rescue assignment, as the company was in a severe loss position. The loss was turned around in 9 months'.  This was followed by a transfer to South Africa where, following a takeover by Kimberly-Clark,  he was appointed Managing Director and CEO to merge two like sized competitive operations into one. This assignment was successfully completed and resulted in a doubling of profits during this period.

On returning to Australia, Barry was appointed CEO of the Australian operation until 1984 when he was approached to head up a Queensland public company which was subsequently taken over by a multi-national, and at this time he started his own consultancy as a business advisor.


  • Strategy development
  • Succession planning
  • Operational execution
  • Business and life coaching
  • Performance management
  • Strategic organisational development
  • Personal and group mentoring

Before I started with TEC, I was very insular in my outlook in relation to business. By entering into the TEC program I’ve learnt about the operation of 14 other businesses, and therefore gained a broader view of what is actually happening in the greater business climate.’
Paul Kahlert, All Purpose Transport

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