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Alan Evans

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Alan Evans TEC coach and mentor

'My business and personal life experiences have taught me that growth as a leader and a person comes from a burning ambition ‘to be the best you can be at what you do’. This involves gathering knowledge through experience, furthering education and absorbing information from your mentors and peers.'

Stemming from a seasoned career as a senior executive, corporate director and experienced mentor, Alan Evans is passionate about unlocking growth in leaders and holding them accountable to successfully build their businesses.

Leveraging that passion and experience, Alan challenges each member in his TEC group and encourages members to aspire to excellence through focused strategy and measurable goal setting.

With a career beginning in the Western Australian public service, Alan has led various listed and private companies and government organisations across a diverse range of industries that include aviation, mining, mineral processing, oil and gas, and electricity production.

Some of his career highlights from his 35-year career include:

  • Successful Business Owner of SME at 25
  • Consultant/advisor to established companies and new starts in organisation leadership and governance
  • Senior Executive in Australian and International businesses
  • Executive and non-executive director of listed and private companies and NFPs
  • Business assignments including acquisitions, capital projects and directorships in Mongolia, Japan, USA, Indonesia, Middle East and South Africa
  • International representative (non-executive director) on The Chartered Governance Institute and the Corporate Secretaries International Association
  • Graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program

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