Join over 23,000 business owners, CEOs and senior executives worldwide who have taken leadership to the next level

The member experience - Designed to drive growth

We believe decisiveness is a key characteristic of a great leader. Every high stakes decision propels your business forward to success. That’s why it’s essential that you are able to make good decisions. And it’s for this reason that we have built the entire TEC experience, to support you in making smarter, well informed, unbiased decisions.

We have set in place the combination of people, processes, and resources to achieve this.

As a member, you have access to the most comprehensive suite of services, research, and experts on the issues that matter to you. You have a supportive community of results-driven leaders within reach and an access to proprietary data and actionable insights.

Exclusive, confidential peer advisory boards

Every month, you can participate in a private peer advisory group of up to sixteen high-calibre CEOs, business leaders, and executives. The industries are non-competing so you can talk candidly, gaining agenda-free perspectives from those who’ve faced similar challenges. A TEC Chair facilitates the discussions.

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Executive coaching from an accomplished business leader

Meet one-to-one each month to discuss your most pressing challenges and opportunities with your TEC Chair. As a TEC member, you have within your reach a wealth of the experience and mindset of great leadership. TEC Chairs don’t just bank on experience; they can also point you to the right resources and people to help inform your most critical decisions. They hold you accountable for taking action to achieve your goals and targets.

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World-class speakers who challenge your thinking

Learn from remarkable innovative thinkers at group workshops, retreats, and other TEC events. Expect to be motivated as these industry experts spark innovative approaches to optimising your business and activate new ideas for personal development.

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23,000 heads are better than 1

We are a global network of growth-driven leaders. You will have access to high-level business knowledge and the entire online global community of more than 23,000 members in 20 countries for Q&A, best-practice modules, proprietary research, and exclusive webinars.

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TEC programs, a forum matched to your needs

When you own or run a business as the chief executive, every turning point can have profound implications. Finding a source of unbiased advice and fresh perspectives from other executives who’ve faced similar challenges can make all the difference. The TEC programs has been the driving force behind the growth of our members through boom markets and recessions.

As a TEC member, each month you meet with a private peer advisory board of up to 16 high-calibre executives from non-competing industries. Every group is assigned a TEC Chair, an accomplished business leader who guides the conversation and provides one-to-one mentoring. All discussions are confidential.

We’ll match you with a peer group and Chair, best suited to help you solve your business challenges and hone your leadership. Learn more about the TEC programs:

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TEC knows what it takes to inspire, challenge, and grow leaders
Our Chairs are accomplished business leaders and mentors, handpicked from a cross-section of industries. At the peak of achievement in their own careers, each realised how much they could contribute as a mentor. They guide top business leaders through their toughest turning points so they can make great decisions that benefit their lives, companies, and communities.The guidance of a TEC Chair creates a ripple effect felt from C-suite through company ranks and into your community.

Why Join TEC?

TEC membership helps you outperform the competition through programs that enhance leadership, bring strategic focus, and inspire practical solutions. We have developed, refined, and tested our programs for over 30 years, and it has given us a deep understanding of what drives remarkable business performance. We are so confident of the difference we make, we measure it.

Join over 23,000 business owners, CEOs and senior executives worldwide who have taken leadership to the next level

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