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James Kemp – Amicus

Rebuilding company’s strategy was not an easy decision for James. Rather than simply try to continue with business as usual, the team at Amicus made a conscious effort to change the way they operate at every level. Strong focus led to a substantial increase in the company’s profits.

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Paul Higgins – Dingo Software

‘I think often at times we associate innovation with startups. Innovation isn’t a one-off, it’s something that small-to medium-sized companies bring to industries like mining.’ Says Paul, CEO at Dingo. Innovation has become a central part of the business’s development and is a core part of the company’s DNA.

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Salvatore Malatesta – St Ali Family

Salvatore is an entrepreneur and CEO behind St ALi Family, one of Melbourne’s best-known names in the food and beverage sector – specifically in specialty coffee. Started his business career at Melbourne University as owner of a campus coffee shop, to become a pioneer in specialty coffee.

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Paul Kahlert – All Purpose Transport

Paul managed to lead his company through the economic storm to the enviable position in which they stand today, turning over revenue of nearly $40 million. By investing in staff training, All Purpose Transport makes it clear that each individual at the company counts and has an impact on the business.

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Greville Pabst – WBP Property Group

The property market is moving quickly right across Australia, with the industry seeing some major changes. While many businesses have been challenged by market conditions, others have thrived and found new opportunities for growth. This has certainly been the case for Greville Pabst.

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Jeremy Hawkes – Bowhill Engineering

Bowhill Engineering’s biggest challenge comes from developing a strategy that is both right for a family-focused business and can also deliver the right level of expertise to clients. CEO Jeremy has invested time in developing a coherent identity for the company.

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