Take your career to the next level and become a greater asset to the organisation

In today’s evolving business landscape, your CEO relies on you more than ever to help drive maximum results. We've designed the Key Executive program to give you a multidisciplinary, confidential forum for improvement, helping you become a change agent and a strategic executive to your team. Confidentially address personal and professional challenges with the guidance of an accomplished business leader. Leverage new insights and powerful resources to hone your leadership skills and push your career forward.

This program is designed to enhance the skills of senior executives

  • You’re held accountable for your company’s results but feel only partially in control over how to achieve them.
  • You’re relied upon to provide leadership but feel mired in the urgent demands of running the business.
  • You’re burdened with navigating competing priorities and conflicting, sometimes unreasonable, expectations.
  • You’re challenged to perform at a high level while continuously adapting to a changing environment.
  • Learn how like-minded executives have been successful in achieving alignment and influencing the direction of their organisation.
  • Step out of the action once a month to focus on strategic planning that will help your team and business get to the next level.
  • Surround yourself with high-performing peers who are committed to becoming extraordinary leaders and helping you achieve the same
  • Get unbiased, honest feedback to help you think critically about the most effective path forward.
Program overview
  • Peer Advisory Group Meetings: 12 full-day meetings per year.
  • Private Executive Coaching: Optional coaching sessions available for purchase, up to 1.5 hours each.
  • World-Class Speakers: Up to 10 speaker workshops per year.
  • Online Global Community: 24/7 access to 23,000 members across 20 countries, research, and resources.


Power of the group

Discuss issues and challenges in a confidential group of trusted peers who will add clarity through questioning and provide support to drive accountability and action.

Professional growth

Receive focused, streamlined, practical ideas from our leadership training that’s designed to enhance your personal development and set you on the path for leadership.

Learn from firsthand experience

Receive feedback on your hardest decisions from fellow group members who have met and overcome the same challenges. The KEY program provides you with the tools and confidence to progress beyond day-to-day responsibilities and focus on being a leader.

Channel today's brightest minds into the business and
take charge of your future with the KEY Executive Program