Chair since: 2015

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Karen Percival TEC Coach and Mentor“It can be lonely at the top and having the chance to share what keeps you awake at night with a group of like minded peers and realising you are not alone can be very enlightening. TEC provides a group of confidants that you can share a vast arrange of experiences with so you don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself on your journey.” [su_divider top=”no”]

Originally from the United Kingdom, Karen qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young resulting in vast exposure to a wide range of companies and industries.  She left public practice for a career in senior executive roles in organisations ranging from small partnerships to multinationals conglomerates both here and overseas.

She relocated to Adelaide in 2000 and worked for more than 10 years as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer at a leading law firm before being appointed as Chief Executive Officer at another practice.

Karen is critically aware of the importance of financial hygiene and corporate governance and the need for organisations to remain competitive, particularly in the tight South Australian market. She is insightful in identifying key business drivers and understands the pressures placed upon both individuals and entities to perform.

Karen is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountant England & Wales and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Karen has developed a portfolio career which currently includes consulting work as well as roles on a number of committees and Boards. She also serves as a CEO to a not for profit foundation.

Career milestones:

  • Qualified as a chartered accountant with seven years experience having gone straight into one of the top accounting firms Ernst &Young straight from school
  • Recent Graduate of the Institute of Company Directors – consolidating all my corporate governance knowledge into post nominals
  • Becoming the first CEO of Donaldson Walsh Lawyers

Key focus area:

Promoting leadership styles that result in positive workplace culture that fosters high performance and team work.

What should a prospect expect from the group:

A challenging but fun environment in which to grow – a culture where you don’t want to let me down

A CEOs biggest challenge:

Being clear about your vision and being able to communicate what it is to those around you.

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