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TEC mentor Ian Coombe

‘TEC is where better decisions are made by members with the help of a supportive team of peer CEOs.’

Ian has been leading high performance teams for decades in various roles such as CEO, Managing Director, Commander and Chairman and in government, nonprofit, public and private companies – giving him an uncanny ability to relate to most CEOs and bring different perspectives to problem-solving and decision-making.

Superior decision-making is the subject of Ian’s research and book. In the Army and in his own business, he trained facilitators to guide decision-making – achieving great consensus driven decisions rapidly. Ian has been asked to speak about his decision expertise with national authorities both here and abroad.

A passion for a better world drives Ian, to work with leaders who strive to improve and succeed. One of his much sought-after strengths is his ability to simplify complex issues into more readily solved components. An example of this is his much-used comprehensive template for a one page strategic plan that is easily understood by directors, managers, staff and stakeholders.

Ian has now stepped away from CEO roles to focus on helping other CEOs through TEC.


  • Leadership
  • Relationship building
  • Decision making for superiority
  • Complex projects and organisations
  • Rapid and sustainable turnarounds
  • Funding growth
  • Branding and marketing – organisational and personal
  • Governance and constitutions
  • Financial analysis
  • Exploiting technology for superiority.

Career milestones:

  • Selected to represent Australia as leader of a multinational contingent in 20 countries
  • Developed group decision capability for Defence
  • Degrees and Fellowships
  • CEO of several charities and businesses
  • Director and Chair of Boards and Committees
  • Facilitating the resolution of a longstanding critical problem for Sydney Olympics
  • Gaining approval to float an Internet business on the ASX a few days before the Internet bubble burst!
  • Selling part of his business to a multinational
  • Restructuring Defence’s entire IT resource of 600

What could be expected from the group:

A trusted, confidential, friendly and helpful group of CEOs with diverse situations, collectively bringing a breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experiences. This allows a CEO to get a more objective view of their issues and to help see the woods for the trees – a challenge facing CEOs who feel ‘isolated at the top’. There is a genuine eagerness to see everyone in the whole group enjoy more business and personal success. To that end, difficult topics are addressed without reservation, but with kind compassion and empathy.

A CEOs biggest challenge:

Finding people to trust as business mentors and advisers.

What makes TEC unique:

Where else do you get a team of CEOs helping you make better decisions?

Best piece of advice you would give to someone:

‘An adequate decision in time is better than a brilliant decision too late.’
To be ahead of others, you need to make decisions faster than them – forcing them to be reactive to your proactive decisions.

Persistently and consistently continue making decisions that have the potential to drive success
– even the decisions that don’t work as expected provide great opportunities to learn more about achieving success.

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