Chair since: 2008
Group: TECR 277

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TEC Mentor Gordon Edwards“I firmly believe in the TEC model.  At its heart, it is robust and effective mentorship, combining structured peer group engagement and individual mentoring, as well as excellent specialist learning provided by world class Speakers. I’ve gained enormously from my TEC experience. TEC is real. The members are peers and this is what sets it apart. Their experience in combining a business and personal life focused on success cannot be replicated by a book, video or lecture.” [su_divider top=”no”]

After 22 years in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in leadership roles in Australia, overseas and operationally at sea, Gordon began his business career running the SA/NT operations of Patrick Logistics for 6 years. This period convinced Gordon that the ‘art’ of leadership was as critical as good management process in any commercial business role. In 2004 he started his own leadership development business – Heavypoint. Heavypoint has been operating successfully now for over 11 years, providing leadership development programs in SA and elsewhere. Gordon believes that leadership is the art necessary to complement good management science.  Knowing the power of mentoring, when he started Heavypoint, Gordon sought out and found TEC. He became a TEC Member in 2005 and then a TEC Chair in 2008.  Unequivocally, Gordon tells us that TEC continues as a core ingredient to his business and personal fulfillment.

Regardless of how we define success, Gordon believes it can only result in long term fulfillment if we welcome others to share our journey; others who allow us to share theirs. Trusted, honest and fully engaged advocates who can challenge a position as a means to fully explore an idea but who will also continue to support once a decision has been made – these are the people we need at our side.

Among his other activity, Gordon developed and, for six years now, has run the South Australian Defence Industry Leadership Program (SADILP), which, as a State Govt subsidized program, is designed to support the leadership succession capability, enhance individual leadership behaviours of senior executives and improve relationships throughout defence industry in SA.


  • Business management
  • Leadership & leadership development
  • Project management
  • Integrated logistic support (ILS): Acquisition through-life design, costing and support.
  • Strategic planning
  • Apprentice engagement and development
  • Change leadership
  • Cultural alignment
  • Logistics management

Best piece of business advice:

While I firmly believe that “rules are for the guidance of the wise and the blind obedience of fools”, we must never assume that the required wisdom exists without effective development and nurturing of skill and knowledge. A critical leadership role is to develop others to be leaders and that’s where the best leaders spend much of their time via delegation, accountability, training and coaching.

[su_quote cite=”Danny Di Iorio, MD, Aquamate”]Since joining TEC in June 2009, my business and personal life has been positively influenced from my TEC experience. I know I am a better leader and my business is far more robust than it would be had I not been involved in TEC.[/su_quote]

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