CEO mentoring as an alternative to executive coaching

As a business leader or CEO, there are often few people within an organisation who highlight opportunities for you to improve yourself. This means that it is easy to relax on your thought processes, ideals, structures, and approach to general business topics. But nobody is a perfect leader, and CEOs should always be working towards making themselves better. Whether this is in relation to people, personal, or project management, finding a mentor who can lead you to a more productive skill set will be more effective for both you as a leader and your team than an executive coaching can.

Mentoring vs coaching

While the terms coach and mentor are often used interchangeably, they both hold different definitions in the world of executive coaching. Effective mentors hold three key elements that coaches don’t:


Essentially, a mentor is a neutral party who doesn’t have an agenda apart from helping your professional development. Through talking to someone acting as a sounding board, business leaders can express emotion and feelings more freely in order to reach their goals. Coaches, on the other hand, often have an agenda or are associated to a particular business or service. Therefore, their advice and messages could be swayed towards a specific outcome.


Being the leader of your business is one thing, but there are always others with more experience, knowledge, and insight than yourself. Individuals are paired with like-minded professionals so they can add value to the overall conversation. A mentor can also help in the long term and assist you through times that they struggled with in the past. A coach could understand how to teach someone, but they have no experience or tangible insight to help in your particular business position.


Mentors want to see personal progress so they will be a significant help on developing skills, experience, and decision-making abilities. These are often based on their past experiences, which add to the creditability of a CEO mentor. Rather than highlighting their experiences, a coach can only lead CEOs to the path to find their answer. This could be through asking tough questions and analysing the way you respond.

TEC executive mentoring

TEC creates a confidential environment for both mentors and members to strive. Through our mentoring programs, our standout CEO and executive mentors connect to business leaders in a unique and personal manner. They are highly experienced professionals with extensive business skills, knowledge, and experience. They question your answers so with you, they can arrive at the root of the issue.

Key attributes of our mentors:

  • Proven track records of success and experience
  • Understanding of management and leadership challenges
  • Passion for developing goals and objectives
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Ability to listen and empathise

TEC Chairs are prestigious mentors and former business leaders

Our Chairs never stop learning

All TEC Chairs partake in frequent development workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge while collaborating with the wider global network.

Chairs keep members ahead of the pack

TEC Chairs are carefully selected on the basis of their objectivity, insight, and willingness to contribute and help others to succeed in becoming better leaders.

A TEC Chair is your personal business mentor

Every month, you meet one-to-one with your TEC Chair, this private mentoring session provides the opportunity to focus solely on you and your business.

Chairs build groups and facilitate meetings

Chairs devote time and energy to form dynamic thought-provoking groups by personally identifying, mentoring, developing, and engaging members.

The benefits of mentoring

TEC mentors and coaches facilitate the peer advisory group meetings, prompting fresh insights and perspectives. They guide you to overcome the obstacles and make the most of opportunities, to take your leadership to the next level of success.

Our mentors are more than business coaches, prepare to be questioned, challenged, inspired, and mentored to make better decisions for great business results.

One thing our mentors do have in common is their desire to make a difference in the lives of each group member across Australia and New Zealand.

Connecting with a mentor through TEC brings a number of benefits. This includes:

  • A supportive environment to explore concepts and present challenges and ideas
  • An improvement of both personal and professional relationships
  • An analysis of stakeholder interests in more depth
  • Being provided with a sounding board for future goals, ambitions, and objectives within a career
  • Gaining a deeper meaning about what a leader needs to be in the modern world

TEC mentors are skilled to equip CEOs, MDs, and business owners with the strategies and tools needed to accelerate growth and make better decisions

  • Do you need accountability to achieve your goals?
  • Do you want to learn from other successful business leaders?
  • Do you enjoy being challenged to step outside your comfort zone?
  • Do you want to develop your leadership skills further?
  • Do you want to increase accountability among staff?
  • Do you want to achieve smart growth?

Why do you need a mentor?

Working with a mentor isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a show of a desire to improve yourself. Every leader needs guidance and direction to be able to work with new generations and manage technology and the changes that continue to occur on the business landscape.

If you feel you are a results-driven CEO or senior executive with bottom line responsibilities, and if you want to enhance your leadership skills and influence others, then we invite you to connect with us

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