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Family Business

Family Business – Where business dynamics meets family dynamics

In this episode of TEC Live,  John Broons, National Family Business Advisor of the Year Award Winner, reveals the differences, opportunities and challenges of family business. John covers: …

Fraud in the Family Business

Fraud in the Family Business

In the last week I have heard three stories of fraud in business. Each of them happened to occur in businesses owned and operated by families. I have …

It's Not Personal – it's just (Family) Business

It’s Not Personal – it’s just (Family) Business

Consistently voted as one of the greatest movies of all time, The Godfather is a goldmine of business and leadership lessons. The movie highlights many of the biggest …

Family business, mentoring and achieving clarity

Family business, mentoring and achieving clarity: An interview with John Broons

Many of our Chairs at The Executive Connection are aware of the challenges that come with being the leader of a family business, with a number specialising in …