Chair since: 2011
Group: TEC 48

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TEC Coach Bob Kerr

“TEC 48 – A place where we can confide, challenge, laugh, cry and be ourselves without fear of recrimination or derision.  The trust that is within a TEC group is something to behold.”

Bob has been an organisational coach for over 19 years and has used his breadth of experience to tailor programs to businesses ranging from the small to medium size enterprises.

Bob is considered one of the pioneers of the Business Coaching Industry in Australia and prides himself in helping the CEOs of organisations to take a step back and focus on the things they need to build better businesses so they can enjoy better lives.

He is also an accomplished Chairman and facilitator, running conferences up to 1,000 attendees and has been the Chairman of Maitland Australia Day festivities where there is a regular attendance of 10,000 citizens.

Career milestones:

  • Business Coach of the Year for Business Coaching Systems (Only person to achieve this honour twice.)
  • Former Chairman of Maitland Community Credit Union
  • Former Director of Holiday Coast Credit Union
  • President of Maitland Chamber of Commerce

A CEOs biggest challenge:

In a small to medium size business,  the CEO is more often than not working on the day to day stuff and finds it extremely difficult to work on the business.  Although this may sound clichéd, if there is such a word,  TEC gives the CEO the opportunity to truly work on their business for one day and 2 hours per month.