You’ve been there and done that

As part of a select group of bold individuals who have achieved credibility through first-hand experience, you’re able to champion the growth of leaders. Being a TEC Chair is an opportunity to give back while continuing to earn a comfortable living.

Mike Logan

Mike encourages new Chairs to commit to learning while drawing on your own business experience.

Help business leaders

Leverage what you love

You have experience that places you in an enviable position to help business leaders in your community face challenges you’ve already mastered. You’re ready to advise, lead, and help others build successful, impactful businesses. You’re ready to become a mentor.

Launching a TEC Chair Practice

Start a new business

Launching a TEC Chair Practice will provide you with both meaningful and financially rewarding work. You’ll be empowered to recruit new members within a successful global framework, surrounded by a supportive team and resources. Our Chairs oversee one or more groups as part of their career portfolio.

Chairs motivate the motivators

World-class training

TEC Chairs motivate the motivators. Using our proven methods you’ll learn to ask the right questions, raise your emotional quotient and hone your ability to challenge and inspire your group members.

We’ll help you to invest in your skills continually. Monthly Chair development training, seminars, industry events, Chair to Chair coaching programs and our global chair conference are just the start.

The art of Chairing

Chairing is a combination of listening and coaching and a blend of pushing and waiting. You’ll help drive business development and connect members to the right people to aid their success. It’s your job to cultivate the best group dynamic and foster group connection that drives impact for its members.

As a Chair you’ll:

  • Facilitate group meetings and hold members accountable.
  • Provide executive-level coaching and guide members to achieve their goals.
  • Meet one-to-one with members to identify leadership challenges and opportunities.
  • Commit to being a lifelong learner

Mike Logan

Mike shares that being a TEC Chair fits with his overall portfolio and ‘is a damn thrill!’

Are you inspired to be a TEC Chair?

We seek passionate leaders with strong business acumen, experience and business development interests. Those with an interest in becoming mentors come to TEC because the want to have an impact on today’s business leaders and the economy. They want to drive innovation, take risks and push limits.

Chair Qualifications:

Leadership expertise

Business development expertise

Experienced coach and mentor

Experience as CEO, President, Senior VP, Principal, Founder or Owner

Ongoing learning and growth

Passion for learning and personal growth

Connect with peers

Ability to connect and desire to help others


Champion the growth of today’s leaders

Being a TEC Chair is a rewarding opportunity for accomplished business executives to give back. Let’s connect and find out if we’re a fit for your next career move.

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