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Are your staff driving customer engagement?

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Are your staff driving customer engagement

Customer engagement is an essential area for businesses to address, especially as they look to build a strong ongoing relationship with clients.

Your staff are the face of your business – especially when they work directly with clients – which means they also play an essential role in driving future sales, customer loyalty and ultimately profitability.

The benefits here are clear for an organisation. According to 2014 research by US firm Gallup, customers who are fully engaged with a brand record 23 per cent greater value for an organisation than the average customer. On the other hand, those customers who are unengaged with a company recorded 13 per cent lower results across the board.

However, many employees aren’t living up their potential and this comes down to the importance of leadership. While a well-led team will be an asset to an organisation’s customer service efforts, all too often managers simply won’t have the depth of skills needed to really engage with customers.

At the same time, staff are expecting more from their leaders than ever before, with leaders required to actively lead efforts to improve a business and drive new growth.

This has been reflected in recent research by McKinsey and Company, which reported that CEOs are now investing heavily in new skill sets in order to upskill their teams and drive greater engagement with their teams.

Faced with the need to motivate staff and drive customer engagement, leaders must now to invest in their skills in order to stay ahead of their competition.

TEC presenter Colin Chodos will soon be presenting to TEC members across Australia on how they can effectively lead the sales process. Based on the Service Profit Chain model, the presentation offers new insights into how leaders can add value to the sales process.

With competition for customer engagement only likely to increase with time, finding new ways to attract, engage and retain customers is set to be an ongoing business imperative over coming months and years.

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