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Are you an effective influencer?

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Persuading individuals is an essential part of any CEOs responsibilities, making this an area where individuals will need to undertake continual training.

We all influence people on a daily basis – after all, being able to shape the behaviours of others is an instinctive part of being human, as is being influenced by others.

In a business setting, CEOs will often find themselves relying on their ability to influence, whether this is through engaging with the public or aligning their internal teams with strategic goals.

Of course, like any skill, there is a big difference between effective and ineffective persuasion. Ineffective influencers will see their efforts amount to very little actual change, especially if these attempts become manipulative and self-serving.

Fortunately, mastering the art of persuasion is one skill set that can bring substantial benefits to business performance. Being a good influencer can help a leader build positive relationships both within a company and externally which will make it easy to move a company forward without demoralising staff or putting off customers.

While it’s easy to identify this distinction between effective and ineffective leadership, often CEOs will need to take the time to hone their skills in order to realise these benefits. Fortunately, for TEC members, UK-based Speaker Phillip Hesketh will again be presenting his inspiring workshops to a number of groups across the country.

His presentation looks at the seven core reasons behind why people engage with a company, and the five aspects of persuasion which can help to make the most of these opportunities. These pointers will not only help attendees to become better influencers but also assist in achieving long-term success for their organisation.

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