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Annual National Growth Summit Sydney equipping attendees with Lencioni’s game-changing model

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A group of vibrant members from our TEC community along with our CEO Stephanie Christopher attended the recent National Growth Summit ’19 in Sydney.  Patrick Lencioni headed up an all-star trio of speakers with Thinkers 50 disruption expert Whitney Johnson and CEO coach Kevin Lawrence.  Patrick was both entertaining and high value.  Attendees walked away with actionable steps on how to build high performing teams and build our resilience as a leaders, optimising decision making and performance across all levels of an organisation.  Patrick was seated at our table for a quick lunch and learn before jumping into an exclusive Q and A session, equally an amazing experience!

The afternoon session followed through with the strong Team & Leadership theme,  featuring Whitney Johnson, how to Build an A Team , great disruption expertise and last but definitely not least, Kevin Lawrence author of Your Oxygen Mask First, Kevin offers help for high achievers to survive and thrive in leadership and life.  A powerful session on surviving (literally!) the pressures of leadership.

What a wonderful day it was … and a great group of people to share it with!

Below you will find further reading around the work of these phenomenal speakers:

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