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Allyn Wasley TEC mentor

Allyn leverages the extensive experience gained as a long-term Executive, Company Director and Consultant in the areas of strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, investment performance, governance, project management and general business management to assist CEOs and business owners to fully realise their potential.

During his 15 years as an executive he led a range of portfolios including Strategy and Business Development at CBH, Australia’s largest co-operative and a leading agri-business, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary. This experience is enhanced by over 10 years as a Company Director both domestically and internationally, predominantly south east Asia, in a variety of industry segments including food processing, logistics, and financial services.

Allyn has strong experience delivering change within large and small organisations, managing within a producer focused business while delivering commercial outcomes and in operating with internationally and domestic based joint venture partners.

Allyn is presently a principal of a consulting firm (Strategic Assist Consulting) focused on assisting companies to identify and select strategic pathways, and how to realise these plans. He is also the Chief Financial Officer at Bombora Wave Power, a Western Australian company that is commercialising technology to capture energy from ocean waves.