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We believe in the extraordinary potential of New Zealand business owners and entrepreneurs. Our community blends a dynamic group setting with one-to-one mentoring to keep leaders at the forefront of their industry. Our promise is to help our members outperform the competition through enhanced leadership, strategic focus, and practical solutions

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TEC has been developing leaders since 1986.
An international network of business leaders provides more diverse perspectives.
Our growing membership is attributed to one factor: results.

Why New Zealand Business Leaders choose TEC

Business Growth

Companies who joined TEC/Vistage over the past five years significantly outperformed the national average by 10 percentage points in terms of revenue growth. TEC provides a clear competitive advantage with a proven ROI.

Ongoing learning

TEC’s proven process is transformative. You’ll approach complex issues and uncertainty with more confidence and improve your decision making. Expert speakers, our exclusive online learning platform, and best practice toolkits keep you poised for success.

Peer groups

Imagine having access to your very own peer advisory board. Confidential group meetings guided by an accomplished Chair provide a safe and stimulating environment to accelerate personal and professional growth.

Mentor and coach

Digging deeper into your challenges is critical to achieving success. Our Chairs are expertly trained, have a commendable business background, and provide one-to-one executive coaching that accelerates your ability to grow strategically and overcome hurdles faster.

Becoming a TEC member is transformative

You’ll have access to your very own peer advisory group, one-to-one coaching, fast-paced learning, and a global community dedicated to helping you succeed. The combination provides a lasting impact. Not just on your business, but on your life. will become more decisive. You’ll be a better leader.

Find a mentor, an executive coach you can respect and trust, and a confidential advisory board to help you think through issues.

You set aside dedicated time each month to work on your business, rather than staying stuck in the weeds and spinning your wheels on unsolved issues.

You have a time-tested, approach for moving your business forward and growing it faster.

Hear from one of our Auckland members

Serving up success in a pandemic:
CEO doubles multi-million dollar business

Johannes Tietze has been creating and delivering healthy meals to school students since 2005, starting with a single school and a turnover of $200,000. After becoming a member of TEC in 2016,  where membership combines peer-advisory and 1:1 mentoring, Johannes began to accelerate his organisation’s growth and by 2019, Libelle Group was a $6 million business.

As COVID-19 hit in March 2020 and the country locked down, uncertainty set in. The prospect of a prolonged lockdown, including the closure of schools, would grind Libelle Group to a halt. As he faced this unpredictability, he sought comfort in his TEC group.

“Navigating lockdown and school closures, while also trying to harness this opportunity, wasn’t something I could do in isolation. A multitude of decisions needed to be considered, and made, by myself and my leadership team.  Read full story

Johannes Tietze - CEO at Libelle Group

'Leadership can be a lonely area to manoeuvre, and I felt a great sense of responsibility. My TEC group of like-minded, strong business leaders was instrumental in helping me to shift my mindset into the right space'
Johannes Tietze, CEO of Libelle Group



Meet our New Zealand Chairs

We’ve secured some of the brightest minds in New Zealand — CEO mentors and executive coaches who are former CEOs, business leaders, or owners from a diverse range of industries. They are passionate individuals, invested in helping our members grow and succeed.

Lance Bickford

Lance Bickford

‘TEC sharpens your focus, helping leaders stay on track so they can seize the right opportunities that come their way.’

Lorna Murray

Lorna Murray

'I've helped members navigate work and personal crises, challenge deep-seated mindsets, grow in confidence and achieve their dreams by guiding and leveraging the power of the group. Seeing people use flashes of insights to courageously transform their lives is incredibly inspiring.'

Chad Wilkie

Chad Wilkie

'I’m proud to share that two members recently had a positive and frictionless succession, transitioning from active CEO roles to one of ownership and governance. Both one to one mentoring and TEC group support were vital in these outcomes.'

Brent von Sierakowski

Brent von Sierakowski

‘Strong bonds are formed within TEC and I'm in awe when members share, that aside from family, there's no other group they are part of where they can be so open, caring, and trusting.’

Ron Boskell

Ron Boskell

‘By providing a member with questions, not answers, it allows them to work through an issue at a deeper level. Witnessing their breakthrough moments when they see a clear road map towards a solution is priceless.’

Kia Ora, and Welcome

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Our members are as diverse as the wide range of businesses they run. They are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business leaders, passionate about making a difference at work and in the world around them. For over 30 years, TEC’s proven process has helped executives and owners across New Zealand and Australia become better leaders. Explore who could be sitting at your table.

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