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Liberate the workforce using technology 

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Liberate the workforce using technology

At a roundtable recently, The Executive Connection discussed how new and emerging technology will change, and already is changing the way people work; evolving to a point where capability is no longer just human.

The automation of a range of jobs and workplace functions is speeding up processes and driving efficiency by automating the predictable, most repetitive and dangerous jobs.

However, as technology replaces the repetitive it does not replace the need for human interaction, but rather it enables employees to work in new and different ways.

In fact, by allowing machines to complete mundane tasks, employers can liberate their staff from their desks, and the clock; providing them with the environment needed to take on new challenges and opportunities anytime, anywhere.

Helen Wiseman, The Executive Connection Chair says, ‘The role of technology means that many undesirable jobs will disappear; putting less pressure on employers to entice workers into jobs that much of the workforce doesn’t want to do. This offers organisations huge opportunities to transform their attraction and retention programs by putting skilled workers to better use.’

Understanding the benefits of technology and how to apply it will allow leaders to capitalise on human potential in new ways.

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