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TEC members are outperforming the competitionTEC members are a dynamic group of business leaders who are capable of providing valuable insights and new ideas based on their own extraordinary achievements. Each peer group is a mix of experts from varied professional backgrounds, allowing members to share different perspectives and solve difficult challenges in a confidential environment. The high level of expertise within the group gives members a remarkable sense of trust and camaraderie.

Our promise is to help our members outperform the competition through enhanced leadership, strategic focus, and practical solutions

Our programs have been developed, refined and tested over nearly six decades, giving us a deep understanding of what drives business performance. We are so confident of the difference we make, we measure it.

TEC members know what it takes to move their businesses forward

Our latest survey compared the financial and employment growth in our members’ businesses to the Australian average for the SME sector*. (* Source: ABS. SME businesses include those with up to 200 employees.)

TEC Performance GraphThe results show that The Executive Connection’s members significantly outperformed the national average by 10 percentage points in terms of financial growth for the 2013 financial year.

Our members also positively contributed to employment growth while the national average reduced its workforce.

These result echo our 2009 results showing a continuing trend of outperformance.

TEC members outperform in revenue and employmentHear from our members on the benefits of TEC membership and the impact it has had on their businesses along with their own professional development.


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