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Guide to Talent Planning 

No surprise: The best-performing companies tend to have the best people working for them. Research from the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) confirms that the performance of a company is closely linked to the caliber of its talent.

What’s less obvious, however, is that talent planning has a strong correlation with the growth and performance of a company. NCMM researchers found that in the middle market, the fastest-growing and best-performing companies make the right decisions about talent planning. They tend to:talent management whitepaper1

• have a formal talent-planning process,

• engage in a comprehensive assortment of talent-planning initiatives, and

• encourage involvement in the talent-planning process by senior executives and topline

To gain greater insight into these and other talent-planning issues, NCMM—with the support of Vistage—surveyed 400 C-level executives from middle-market companies who are actively engaged in attracting and retaining talent for their organizations.

The study benefits C-suite executives from middle-market companies in two key ways, says Thomas A. Stewart, NCMM executive director and one of the study’s developers. “It proves that there is a big return on investing in the management of people, and it gives you a framework and a set of activities that you can do to start improving the way you manage people,” he explains.

Download this whitepaper for six takeaways from the study to help you make smarter decisions about talent planning.