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TEC speakers are business thought-leaders and motivators who inspire CEOs and senior executives to become better leaders, through new ideas, insights, strategies and perspectives.

Our workshop sessions focus on the professional development of each member, giving practical business solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Every TEC speaker has high-level expertise in their subject area combined with a clear understanding of what works in the real world. Members are given the ideas and tools to achieve significant results and outperform the competition.

Meet a few of our world-class speakers:

Guest Speaker: Lynn Leahy - UK
Specialist in handling conflict, high performance team building and EI

Lynn Leahy Lynn is an experienced company Director who has been inspiring and developing people and teams around the world for more than twenty years. A trained counsellor and an accredited mediator who draws on a range of psychotherapeutic approaches in her work. She has an exceptional track record in developing and growing organisations.

Gary Bertwistle

Gary Bertwistle TEC Speaker

Thought-leader in innovation and creativity

Gary teaches people and organisations to think differently and helps companies unlock great ideas in the areas of brand, marketing, business planning and performance. Looking at how they do things and address what needs to change to make their company more successful.

Ashton Bishop

Ashton Bishop TEC Speaker

Predatory marketing expert

Ashton is a leading strategist and facilitator who is recognised as one of Australia’s top predatory marketers. He is an expert in pinpointing how brands can grow by outsmarting their competitors. He’s a business owner, serial entrepreneur, challenging, sometimes even controversial, but always focussed on what gets results.

Glenn Capelli

Glen Capelli TEC Speaker

Content expert in thinking and learning

Glenn is a professional speaker, author, songwriter and TV presenter who is passionate about creativity in innovation, leadership and dynamic thinking. He believes business professionals need to become flexible, life-long learners to cope in today’s fast-paced business world.

Craig Cherry

Craig Cherry TEC Speaker

Customer engagement and coaching expert

Craig is the Managing Director of ‘The Loyalty Zone’. His focus is to improve the number of customers that are in a companies ‘loyalty zone’. He utilises a combination of research, training and coaching to achieve great results.

Colin Chodos

Colin Chodos TEC Speaker

Expert in creating strategies for corporate connection

Colin is the founder of Corporate Connection Strategies, a leading consulting group which helps businesses connect with stakeholders to deliver increased profits and growth. He uses his extensive experience to help executive teams with their vision, business culture, change strategies and client / employee feedback.

Dan Collins

Dan Collins TEC Speaker

Leadership excellence, cultural change and accountability specialist

Owner/Creator of Collins Consulting, Dan is a passionate motivator who assists leaders to fully realise the benefits of their strategies through a High Performing workforce and Leadership Team, and to reach the vision for their organisation.

Gary Delbridge

Gary Delbridge TEC Speaker

Expert in boosting sales team performance

Gary is the Founder and Managing Director of Objective Assessment, one of Australia’s leading sales force development companies. Objective Assessment specialises in helping CEOs and business owners understand and improve their sales teams and organisations.

Ahna de Vena

Ahna de Vena TEC Speaker

Stress reduction and sleep improvement expert

Ahna’s mission is to address the global epidemic of sleeplessness and inspire a new perspective that honours the need for quality down-time and rejuvenating sleep. She provides practical solutions that create immediate change, increasing health and productivity.

Wayne Harrison

Wayne Harrison TEC Speaker

Strategist and thought leader on negotiation and communication

Wayne is regularly called upon by leading organisations to navigate divergent views that arise when differences over resources, strategy, organisational change, risk and cultures are involved. Wayne is an accredited Mediator, a Fellow of both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Australian Marketing Institute.

Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones TEC Speaker

Accelerating leadership and business momentum

Tiffany activates the potential in families to create greater wellbeing. She challenges family leaders to consider how they impact the people closest to them and provides the tools to start a conversation with the next generation about what it really means to be wealthy.

Trudy Macdonald

Trudy Macdonald TEC Speaker

Driving business performance

Trudy is passionate about working with leaders to make their business “Great” by improving the quality and performance of their people. She has co-founded or played a key executive role in four start-up technology and human resource consulting business, three of which have been acquired by international companies.

Tim Martin

Tim Martin TEC Speaker

Social web specialist

Tim is the founder and principal trainer at NET:101, Australia’s largest national provider of courses for the social web. NET:101 training programs encompass social media marketing and strategy, content marketing, and website optimisation. Tim is also the founder and director of online blogger community, Blogger Connect.

Morris Miselowski

Morris Miselowski TEC Speaker

Business futurist for the real world

Although Morris spends every day immersed in the future, he balanced this with the kind of real life business experience needed to understand the possibilities it presents for every client – no matter how complex their organisation. He is an expert in translating the possibilities offered by future trends into simple, practical and profitable insights businesses can use immediately.

Mark Parker

Mark Parker TEC Speaker

Social media expert

Mark is an entrepreneur who specialises in strategic problem-solving through the use of innovation tools, cloud-based technology and social media. He has 20 years’ experience in key sales and leadership roles with Australian and international companies.

Mark Rehn

Mark Rehn TEC Speaker

SME business excellence

Mark is one of TEC’s most in-demand speakers and he has presented to more than 1,000 members in the past five years. He has simplified the business excellence programs used by many large corporations into a framework that can easily be implemented by smaller businesses, allowing SMEs to become the best they can be.

Debbie Richardson

Debbie Richardson TEC Speaker

Connecting marketing strategy to business strategy

Debbie helps transform businesses through connecting their marketing capability to their business strategy. By showing executives how to apply the 9 Boxes™ tool to their business, she has enabled organisations to consistently deliver outstanding business and revenue outcomes through their marketing strategy.

Nick Setchell

Nick Setchell TEC Speaker

Managing the whole business

Nick is the Director and Founder of Practice Strategies and is a passionate advocate of using powerful financial modelling software and tools in mid-market companies. These tools give the CEOs of mid-market enterprises the information they need to make better business decisions in real time.

David Thomas

David Thomas TEC Speaker

Business Futurist and BRIC Expert

David is well known in Asia Pacific for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries. David brings personal insights, anecdotes, stories and observations to every presentation to show business leaders and forward thinking organisations how to profit from a fast changing world.

“I have been inundated with terrific ideas from the huge variety of speakers we’ve had. Add to that the advice and comments from the group on my particular business issues, and the value I get is quite unique and invaluable. TEC has given me lots of tools to improve my business, and enjoy it more.”

Michael Amiel, Managing Director, RCR International - Victoria

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