Chair since: 2015

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TEC coach and mentor Pete Cooper“Joining TEC as a Nominee Chair was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – personally and professionally. I am constantly delighted by the quality of the content and being amongst other business leaders is inspiring and educational. I enjoy every meeting, one to one, breakfast and event and come away with many key learning’s, new contacts and am always forming great friendships. If I was not a Chair I would be a member, but as a Chair it offers me a greater leadership opportunity to influence the groups direction and give back directly to members”

An energetic business professional, with 25 years experience in world leading companies across various sectors, as a senior executive. Highlights include leading Nokia’s innovation team in Australia, being part of the acquisitions team for Agilent, as well as a marketing master with Silicon Valley experience. In charge of project team for a 250 million dollar Qantas refit project. Expat’ experience in both Finland and UK… leading technology design teams to create new advanced development platforms for the mobile industry.

Current experience includes entrepreneurial ventures and consulting. Firstly, the formation of a marketing ecommerce Crowdfunding platform for the support innovation for entrepreneurs and in parallel business consulting projects. Most recently was the formation of Skillion bikes, offering an advanced electric bike for a cleaner and exhilarating commuting solution.

My passions include entrepreneurship, science, technology and leadership. I founded several business ventures, completed an engineering degree, studied science and worked in high technology companies, and been an experienced practitioner of leadership with an MBA.

Business aspects and criteria can best offer advice in:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Program Management
  • Leadership

A CEOs biggest challenge:

CEO’s face the unenviable position of setting a direction in a complex and fast changing business landscape. For small companies the CEO is like the captain of a small boat at sea in storm battling everyday to survive. For larger companies it becomes a large ship with a very small rudder and making directional changes is more difficult.

Best piece of business advice:

The best piece of advice I would offer is to “enjoy solving problems”. Bill Clinton says complex issues are like completing a crossword puzzle. Take time to work on it, it starts off quite hard but after a while the solution will unfold and it becomes clearer and easier. Also if you enjoy solving problems you will not only solve the obvious problems but also look for opportunities, as these are simply new problems to solve with an upside.

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