Join a peer group of trusted advisors

When you join a TEC group, you become part of a trusted peer community, sharing insights, challenges, concerns and ideas. Your fellow group members (facilitated by a TEC Chair) will challenge you, question you, guide you and inspire you for better business results. Your TEC Group soon becomes the one place you can turn to with the confidence that there is no agenda other than to support you be more successful.

Having been in TEC for over 9 years, I love the combination of support, challenge and inspiration that I get from being a member. The quality of our TEC Chair and speakers that TEC brings to the meetings is extremely high, and the challenge and learning of the executive sessions always fills me with vigour. I’m a much better leader through my involvement. Ian Belton, Managing Director, Chrystal & Co Pty Ltd

Direct actions generate results

TEC CEO Mentors actively support and encourage members in their pursuit of leadership enhancement and business optimisation in private monthly one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring sessions.

Global CEO networking

TEC connects you to more than 21,000 members in 16 countries forming a thriving global leadership community. Here are some of our CEO Mentors;

Helen-WisemanHelen Wiseman – Helen believes that when leaders come together through dialogue and shared learning, new possibilities are created that ignite growth and opportunity – not just for their businesses, but for their employees, their stakeholders, their families and the communities they serve. It’s the ripple effect of success, and the role as Chair is to enable that with the group members.

Ian NealIan Neal
 – Ian’s approach is to agree clearly defined goals for the CEO and bring the tools of business strategy, corporate finance and leadership development together to maximise value.


TEC Chair Guy MycroftGuy Mycroft – Guy spent over 25 years in industry, working for multinational corporations both in Australia and the UK. He enjoys the entrepreneurial SME environment, with its never ending variety of businesses and people.


Ian Coombe – One of Ian’s much sought-after strengths is his ability to simplify complex issues into more readily solved components. TEC is where better decisions are made by members with the help of a supportive team of peer CEOs


Rod BucheckerRod Buchecker – Rod offers a brand of leadership built on an awareness of the latest thought leadership trends and a well-rounded personal and professional perspective to the people he mentors. He has also been praised for his ability to provide direction and help people start thinking about strategic planning.


Lyn HardingLyn Harding – Lyn has always had a focus on growth and innovation, calling on a strong skill set in: sharing organisational vision, change management, people engagement, process improvement and financial oversight. She has benefited from being a member and understands the isolation a business leader can feel and the importance of good connections and support.


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