Leadership Skills

Leadership skills and development

Continual change constantly throws up new challenges, narrowing the margin for error

TEC members find that the leadership training and development they gain from the professionally facilitated, private group meetings has a radical effect on their growth as a business leader. Members quickly discover that their companies also experience considerable business growth as a direct result of the executive leadership coaching provided by their TEC group.

Our programs have been developed, refined and tested over nearly six decades, giving us a deep understanding of what drives business performance. We are so confident of the difference we make, we measure it.

Outperform the competition

Our latest survey compared financial and employment growth in our members’ businesses to the Australian average for the SME sector. The results showed that The Executive Connection’s members significantly outperformed the national average by 10 percentage points in terms of financial growth for the 2013 financial year

TEC works because in every group and in every meeting, no subject is off-limits. Freely exploring different leadership styles and discussing the tough decisions you face, allows the group to rally around you, listen, ask the tough questions and increase your leadership skills. TEC members are able to gain a fresh perspective, expand their view beyond their company walls differing from traditional executive leadership training. It is often lonely at the top, but the pressure of today’s competitive business environment can be eased by confidentially discussing your problems and challenges with your TEC group .

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