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Doug is a transformational leader who has 40 years’ experience in the intensely scrutinised environment of Western Australia’s largest electricity company, culminating in six years as Managing Director. Over this time he has honed and integrated his skills as an engineer, project manager, negotiator and coach.

In parallel he has developed a psychotherapy practice over 30 years and is a Master Clinician with the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors (AARC) and a registered member of the Psychotherapy And Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Doug currently provides coaching, mentoring and consultancy services to senior business professionals including facilitation of strategic planning for CEOs and executive teams and coaching in the use of psychological principles to improve leadership effectiveness and drive organisational improvements.

He also consults to a diverse spectrum of participants in the electricity industry on a variety of matters including engineering, markets and developmental options such as smart grids and renewable energy.

Doug has a particular interest in working with companies committed to effecting lasting positive change by improving the quality of dialogue between key individuals and groups (including customers, stakeholders, suppliers and staff).

Since 2003 he has been a faculty member of Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles and has facilitated sessions at international workshops in Europe and the USA for managers and consultants on the application of psychological principles to the solution of organisational problems.

His ground-breaking transformational work in producing dramatic improvements to safety, productivity and customer outcomes at Western Power is now the subject of regular presentations to the UWA and Curtin Graduate Schools of Business and management teams of a variety of commercial enterprises. His earlier interventions at Muja Power Station using Gestalt principles to drive dramatic change was the subject of a case study published in a book on Human Resource strategies called ‘Slowly and Carefully Stumble they that Run the Fastest: A Case Study of Leadership During the Downsize of Muja Power Station’. (In Travaglione, A. and Marshall, V. (Eds.), Human Resource Strategies: An Applied Approach, McGraw Hill: Sydney)

Doug is a humorous and inspirational speaker who regularly provides presentations on a diverse range of topics, including business and personal transformation; leadership; sustainability; and paradigm shifts in the energy industry.

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