Chair since: 2013
Group: TECR 209

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TEC Andrew Dick CEO Mentor

“I am a passionate TEC advocate having gained my experience from being a 6-year member of the TECR 209 and now the same group’s chair in the third year of tenure. TEC brings a wonderful mix of personal and business development; members become better leaders with greater confidence and decision-making but they also become better people who can share vulnerability in a safe environment.”

Andrew has extensive experience of engaging with family and private business owners and is currently a Partner with nem Australasia providing specialised advisory work to a broad variety of clients.

In this role his key areas of focus are:
– Business review, strategic planning & change management
– New market development & client research
– Business development and stakeholder relationship & management
– Management and team mentoring & leadership development
– Chairing & managing regular Board of Management meetings
– Business & Management succession planning

Andrew has initiated, facilitated and presented at numerous national & international training and leadership workshops/conferences.  He has also lead and managed strategic and operational planning, staff/ team recruitment, business and sales development, all with Board reporting and accountability, as part of his leadership of a large national network of leading fruit companies.

Andrew’s key strengths as identified by peers: self-motivated, strategic thinker, project initiator and deliverer, managing complexity, communicator & facilitator, collaborator & team player (e.g. with Board & network), able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, ability to sell a product and a concept, approachable.

Group dynamics:

TECR 209 contains a very broad mix of business owners and CEO’s. We have the young and the not so young along with some welcome gender diversity. We make the most of our time together by actively processing our member issues often working in groups with a strong sense of support and quiet accountability. The business turnover of our group varies from $1M to over $30M.  Our group is strongly focused on ensuring a strong fit into our supportive culture where everyone’s view counts and all achievements are recognised. New members can expect a broad diversity of experience from which to learn and an environment, which focuses on constant improvement and challenge.

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